Why Is My Fish Floating Vertically | What Should I Do and How To Treat

April 18, 2011 | Fish Health | Leave a Comment |

Fish floating vertically is often a symptom of swim bladder disorder. Fortunately for fish-keeping hobbyists, it is neither contagious nor fatal.

What Can Cause Swim Bladder Disorder?

  • Vertical swimming or floating at the bottom of the tank is a common symptom for swim bladder disorder.
  • This disorder often affects goldfish, betta and other tropical fishes.
  • Constipation is often a trigger for swim bladder disorder.
  • Overfeeding the fish can leave it feeling full, thus it can display symptoms of swim bladder disorder.
  • Trauma from stress or injury can leave the fish feeling disoriented.
  • A rare cause of swim bladder disease is congenital birth defect.

Why is My Fish Floating Vertically – Treatment

  • Short-term relief includes feeding the fish medicated food, salt baths and raising the temperature to 76 F.
  • First instances of vertical floating should prompt the aquarist to partially change the water to rule out bacterial infection or the rise of nitrate levels.
  • Veterinarians can perform a minor procedure called periodic aspiration in which the swim bladder is deflated with a small prick of the needle.
  • Monitor the water temperature that is idea for the specific fish species.
  • Follow the vet’s orders on which type of medication can be used. Shops selling fish specialty products sell antibiotics, anti-parasite medication and medicated food.

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