Why Is My Fish Floating Sideways At The Bottom Of The Tank

April 18, 2011 | Fish Health | Leave a Comment |

A fish floating sideways can indicate a particular disease caused by a number of factors. It is important for a fish owner to determine the cause the fish’s condition in order to administer the correct treatment.

Why Is My Fish Floating Sideways?

  • The fish might have swimbladder disease.
  • Fish with swimbladder disease is unable to swim correctly.
  • Bettas and other fancy fish are usually more susceptible to swimbladder disease.
  • Swimbladder disease causes the fish to swim in circles; to swim toward the bottom of the tank or pond then floating back up; or to simply lie floating on its side.
  • Constipation is one of the causes of swimbladder disease in pond or tank fish.
  • Constipation is usually caused by fish being overfed.
  • Constipation in fish can usually be treated by feeding the fish several small meals a day rather than a huge meal once a day.
  • Injury can also cause fish to float sideways; swimbladder disease might develop if a fish was accidentally dropped to the floor or if the fish had a fight with another fish.
  • Swimbladder disease caused by injury is usually not fatal but untreatable; adjustments can be made in the tank or pond to accommodate the fish with an “odd” swimming habit, such as lowering the water level so that the fish can have easier access to air.
  • Birth defects in fish can also cause a disruption in its equilibrium.
  • Improper acclimatization has been identified to also cause fish to float on its side.
  • Dirty water is also one of the major causes for fish to lose its equilibrium and float on its side.
  • Floating on its side could indicate that the fish is dying because of water poisoning.
  • Keeping your tank is one of the most important thing that you must do to avoid such infection.

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