What To Do If My Fish Is Swimming Sideways: Causes and Symptoms

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When fish are sick, their owners would want to know what happened, what they are sick of, and how to cure their ailments. Observant pet owners can save their fishes before these become too sick to be treated. Simple problems such as floating sideways could signal serious ailments or could just mean that the fish is sick.

My Fish is Floating Sideways

  • There are a number of reasons why fish float sideways. Often, these reasons are not fatal and can be easily solved with aquarium or Epsom salt.
  • This disorder is caused by problems in the swim bladder, usually caused by too much gas. The gas disrupts the fish’s balance, causing it to float sideways or upside down.

My Fish is Swimming Sideways

  • If the fish is swimming sideways, check for signs of bloat. The best thing to do to prevent bloat is not to over feed the fish. Adult fishes should be fed only twice a day. Follow the food manufacturer’s advice as to how much food should be given to the fishes.
  • If fecal matter is stringy and trailing along with the fish that is swimming sideways, the fish has constipation.

What to Do

  • Determining the root cause of why the fish is swimming or floating sideways ensures that the correct treatments can be provided to the fishes.
  • Adding Epsom salt into the aquarium helps solve a lot of problems, including growth of microorganisms and constipation.
  • If the fish is having swim bladder problems, the fish can heal without assistance as the gas is released little by little.

    Still, providing treatment can help hasten the healing process.

  • Constipation can be treated by adding cooked peas in the tank.

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