What To Do if my Dog Ate Used Tampon: How Do I Treat

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The dog’s naturally inquisitive nature could be its undoing. If left to their own devices, dogs will eat just about anything they think are nice to eat, even if it is not a food item.

When a dog has eaten a tampon, do not panic. If the tampon is new and dry, bring the dog to the vet immediately as this can cause significant absorption issues. It is will not easily pass through the digestive system and could cause blockage.

My Dog Ate Tampon

  • If the dog has eaten used tampon, owners need not feel really worried if the dog is big.

    Dogs who are around 35 lbs or more can easily handle small things like a tampon. This will easily pass through their system in 24 to 48 hours.

  • If the dog is small, this could be a problem. Monitor it closely and bring to vet if it shows signs of stomach upset.

How Do I Treat  if Dog Ate Used Tampon

  • A used tampon is ideally wet so that it can slide through the dog’s digestive system if it was swallowed whole. It is actually a good thing if the dog had shredded it to pieces as that could easily make it easy to pass.
  • Do not try to induce vomiting but do keep a close eye on the dog.

What To Do: Necessary Precautions

  • Monitor the dog for about 2 to 3 days.
  • Never try to induce vomiting as the tampon may not be able to move up the passage. Also, the tampon could be moved back up the throat, away from reach but clogging the air passage.
  • Immediately rush to nearest vet if you think the problem is not under control.

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