What Is Declawing Cats Laser Surgery: How Much Does It Cost

What Is Declawing Cats Laser Surgery: How Much Does It Cost

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Declawing Cats Laser Surgery

Declawing is process where the cat nail bed and third finger bone are amputated. It is also known as onychectomy. It is usually done with scalpel but now it can also be done with laser.


  • The cat is placed under anesthesia – this is mostly done to help manage the procedure better and to keep the cat from feeling pain during the surgery
  • A laser is used to amputate the nail beds and part of the phalanges. The laser seals off the blood vessels so there are going to be less bleeding.
  • Cats are allowed to recover with proper cage rest.

Is Cat Declawing Laser Surgery Painful?

  • Yes. There is going to be some pain and cats are going to be put under while they are being treated. However, the process is considered to be less painful than the traditional scalpel method.
  • After the surgery, the cats will have to be given pain medication for the first few days after the procedure.

Recovery Period

The recovery period for this procedure is a lot shorter than with scalpel declawing. Cats will not have to wear bandages for a long time and they can be up and about the day after the procedure. The operated area will heal in 10 days after the procedure.

Declawing Cats Laser Surgery Cost

  • Laser declawing is going to be a lot more expensive than the conventional scalpel declawing. Many owners choose to go with it though because it is less painful.
  • Cat declawing is a very controversial procedure and it is not medically needed for cats. Many people liken it to ear docking in dogs.
  • It is illegal in some states in the US. Alternatives to declawing include regular trimming and acrylic nail covers.

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