What Is Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs Diet and Food: How Do We Make?

What Is Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs Diet and Food: How Do We Make?

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Prairie Dogs Diet

  • Prairie dogs, also known as ground squirrels, dwell most of the time in underground grassland places. They are commonly found in the western part of North America.
  • Their diet comprises mostly of vegetables and plants.
  • Prairie dogs feed on a variety of roots, seeds, leaves and grasses. Food abundance makes the animal to indulge and eat more leading to obesity.
  • On an average, prairie dogs can grow to up to 20 inches and weigh to around 4 pounds.
  • It is okay to feed them with rabbit pellets when domesticated as pets.

    However, these should be given in controlled amounts to prevent the occurrence of obesity in these animals. The recommended amount of rabbit pellets to be given daily is a quarter cup to one-third cup.

  • Grass hay and timothy grass can be given accordingly.
  • Alfalfa, on the other hand, should not be included in their diet as this has high contents of phosphorous and calcium, which are difficult for prairie dogs to digest.
  • They can also be given with bread, grains and fruits in moderate quantities.
  • The amount of food to be given depends on their size, weight, age and activity levels.

Black Tailed Prairie Dogs Diet

  • Black-tailed prairie dogs have reddish or yellowish fur with long body and small ears. Their paws are small with long claws and their tails are short with a black end.
  • Just like the ordinary prairie dogs, they feed mostly on grass and shrubs. They eat leaves, roots and seeds of some flowering plants. They also love weeds and grasses.
  • The water they need is often from the plants and vegetables they eat.
  • They practically eat every plant around them.
  • During the fall season, they eat more and accumulate more layers of fat in their body to prepare for the winter season.

Prairie Dogs Food

  • Prairie dogs, when in the wilderness, generally feed on grasses and shrubs.
  • Once caught and become pets, they should be given with foods rich in fibers.
  • Protein is also an important component of their food which should be given more to younger ones than the adults.
  • Some of the foods that can be offered to prairie dogs are the following:
    • Whole oats
    • Fresh vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes
    • Rabbit pellets
    • Fresh hay
    • Grasses
    • Nuts and fruits
    • Water

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