What Can Cause Sick Saltwater Fish: Symptoms and Treatment

What Can Cause Sick Saltwater Fish: Symptoms and Treatment

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The best way to prevent fish diseases is by minimizing the stress that fish is exposed to. This can comprise feeding the fish a varied diet in the right servings; ensuring that the water quality is optimal; ensuring that the water temperature is appropriate; and preventing overcrowding.

What Can Cause Sick Saltwater Fish?

  • Pathogens in the tank can cause fish illnesses.
  • These pathogens can be viral, parasitic, fungal, or bacterial in nature and can thrive in the tank with the fish.
  • Fish injuries can become infested with pathogens.
  • Injuries can happen while fish is being shipped to new fish owners or when fish fight against other fish.
  • Poor water quality can weaken a fish’s immune system, making it more susceptible to infections and other diseases.
  • Genetic defects, although quite rare in store-bought fish, can also inevitably cause ailments.


What Are Some Sick Saltwater Fish Symptoms?

  • Labored breathing, skin lesions and lethargy are common symptoms of a parasitical infestation.
  • Cotton-like growth on the fish’s mouth and other body parts can indicate fungal infections.
  • Change in the fish’s color and lethargy can often signify a systemic ailment caused by any (or a combination) of the disease-causing pathogens.
  • Warts and a change in the fish’s skin texture can indicate a viral disease.


Treatment Methods for Saltwater Fish Ailments

  • Treatment methods will vary depending on the cause and how advanced the disease is.
  • Treatment usually starts by isolating the sick fish in order to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • The tank water should be changed in order to remove the proliferation of any more pathogens that can infect other fish.
  • If needed, specifically formulated medication should be mixed in the water.
  • Different types of medications have different types of treatment duration; fish owners should follow the duration in order for the fish to completely heal.

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