What Are the Symptoms, treatment and Recovery Time of Dog Stroke?

What Are the Symptoms, treatment and Recovery Time of Dog Stroke?

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Dog Stroke Treatment

In order to treat a stroke properly, there is a need to identify the underlying cause and make it the first course of treatment.

  • Doctors can diagnose canine stroke through tests such as physical exam, MRI or CT scan. Other diagnostic tests may be needed depending on the symptoms shown by the dog.
  • Through the tests, doctors can recognize if the dog had a hemorrhagic stroke or ischaemic stroke.  When there’s a sudden stop in the blood flow, it is called ischemic stroke while hemorrhagic stroke refers to a ruptured blood vessel that can lead to bleeding within the brain.
  • There is no direct treatment for stroke. Dogs are simply provided comfortable living conditions after suffering from stroke so that there is less chance of a recurrence.
  • Natural remedies, homeopathic treatments, herbal supplements and special diets may be given to the dog to prevent another stroke.

Symptoms Of Dog Stroke

  • Tilting of the head is the symptom most associated with a stroke.
  • Disorientation, loss of balance and falling over
  • Abrupt changes in behavior
  • Depression or lethargy
  • Other signs include blindness, seizure and difficulty in controlling the bladder or bowel.

Dog Stroke Recovery Time

  • Unlike stroke in humans, the effects are not debilitating for dogs.
  • The dog can recover its control over its movements and motor functions within weeks.

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