Treatments and Symptoms of Malnutrition in Dogs (Canine)

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Although malnutrition is often viewed as a form of abuse, many dog owners do not really mean to do it. Only, the pet owners are ignorant of the food that their pets should be having.

Malnutrition Symptoms in Dogs

The following are some of the symptoms of malnutrition in dogs:

  • Physical appearance. This is the most common and obvious sign of malnutrition. When the dog is malnourished, it will have a mangled appearance, with dull coats, dry skin, and dandruff.

    The dog will also look skinny – with skinny being categorized into two:

o    Skinny ribs and spinal column that do not have muscle and fat tissues.

o    Skinny ribs, spinal column top not very skinny.

  • Energy. Since the body lacks the nutrition that it needs, the dog will have less energy. It will prefer sleeping rather than walking or playing around.
  • Gastrointestinal problems. Malnutrition is often caused by not eating food. However, the body continues to secrete enzymes so that the digestive tract could be irritated by bile acids. This could also be presented by stools that are very smelly.
  • Pet owners must remember that the dogs could still develop the ailment even with an abundance of food. The reason for this is that these food items may not be healthy for them or could lack the necessary nutrients.
  • It is also important to keep the dog well provided for – various food items might be given to the dog to keep its nutrients high.
  • In severe cases of malnutrition, the dog may have to be administered certain intravenous medications.

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