Treatment for Betta and Tropical Fish Disease Velvet (Rust Disease)

Treatment for Betta and Tropical Fish Disease Velvet (Rust Disease)

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Small white spots appear in the fish skin. It is almost similar to the spots in Ich but more of the yellowish tone. This type of disease is also called Rust Disease.

Betta Fish Disease Velvet Symptoms

  • Fish act sick or lethargic.
  • Opaque eyes
  • The fins are inactive, often held close to the body.
  • Infected fishes often grasp for air and remain longer in the surface of the water.
  • Bettas suffering from velvet disease tend to cast a golden sheen from their scales.
  • Fish doesn’t want to eat.
  • Crashing against rocks or plants in an attempt to scratch the itchy spots.

Causes of Tropical Fish Disease Velvet

  • Velvet disease is mainly caused by a parasite called Oodinium.
  • The parasite thrives in poorly maintained fish tanks and aquariums.
  • Abrupt changes in the temperature also give rise to velvet disease.
  • When a new fish is immediately placed inside a tank together with other fishes without prior observation of its health conditions.
  • New plants placed in the tank are contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Velvet Disease Treatment

  • Copper is used to treat fishes affected by velvet disease.
  • Another alternative method to heal velvet disease is treating the water with salts of quinine or methylene blue.
  • It is said that this particular parasite thrives in well-lit tanks because it obtains energy through photosynthesis. Covering the aquarium or putting it in the shade helps to kill the parasite.
  • Increasing the temperature of the water also aids in the treatment process.

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