Sudden Aggression in Cats: How to Stop And Treat Aggression In Cats

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Causes of Aggressive Behavior in Cats

  • Sudden aggression in cats can be caused by any number of things that are not routine to the cats life.
  • Cats are very territorial. They can get downright mad and mean over a new house guest, a new baby, boyfriend, girlfriend or another pet.
  • Your cat may exhibit aggressive behavior if you suddenly change their meal times or even the food that you provide to them.
  • Sometimes a cat gets mean and irritable if he is not feeling well or is in pain.
  • Your cat may be hungry or thirsty. That is a quick fix. Perhaps you got busy that particular day and forgot to set his meal out. It happens to all of us at one time or another.
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How to Treat Sudden Aggression in Cats

  • When wondering how to treat aggressive behavior in cats, you have to think like your cat.
  • Isolate the aggressive pet from the main areas and from other pets and children to avoid accidents. Don’t forget about the upset cat. Visit him and let him know he is not alone. Assure him of your care.
  • Playing soft music is soothing to an upset or aggressive pet. It will help your cat relax and relieve stress.
  • Close observation of your cat is necessary to make sure they are not hurt in some way or in any type of pain.
  • Evaluate what has changed recently in your cats world. Determine if they have been eating, moving their bowels and urinating in sufficient quantities.
  • Avoid sudden changes in the cats environment to avoid sudden aggression in cats.
  • Try dabbing some lavender oil on his neck for a natural calming effect. Sprinkle a few drops on his favorite blanket or pillow where he is spending his time.
  • Hopefully, within a short time there will be peace in the old homestead again.

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