Spleen Removal In Dogs Recovery: Cost And Side Effects Spleen Removal In Canines

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Although dogs can live well without spleen, there are many helpful services the organ can do to the body.

  • Dogs are vulnerable to medical conditions related to their spleen. They may, for example, develop splenic masses, which are either hemangiomas or hemangiosarcomas.
  • Both the hemangioma and hemangiosarcoma occur in the blood vessels of the red pulp and they can result to prolific abnormal blood vessels.

    Soon, the growth ruptures and spleen will bleed.

  • Spleen removal in dogs is safe if the mass is benign or the tumor spread is very small.
  • The spleen removal or splenectomy should be performed with the understanding that the tumor spread is visible in the abdomen once incision is done.

Spleen Removal in Dogs Recovery

Dogs that have undergone spleen removal are generally thin after the surgery. The dog will have a very long incision, which will require bandages to control the leakage of blood from the incision. If such is the case, the dog may need blood transfusion.

  • Most dogs can go home at least a day or two after the surgical procedure. But the survival period is 19 to 86 days. Rarely, some dogs survive for another spring, summer or fall.
  • The spleen removal in dogs recovery is accelerated with iron supplements.
  • There will also be antibiotics prescribed such as for pain relief for the recovery period.
  • Dogs will also have restricted activities during the first two weeks.

Cost Of Spleen Removal In Dogs

The diseases in spleen are considered silent killer among dogs. However, they are curable, particularly, if there are no metastases found, which qualifies for splenectomy.

  • The cost of spleen removal in dogs varies according to the veterinarian and the size and weight of the dog.
  • Generally, the costs for dog surgery include:
    • Performing pre-anesthetic examination
    • Administering Anesthesia
    • Monitoring the pulse oximetry
    • Undergoing the surgery
    • Performing post-operation pain and antibiotic injections
  • The package may cost from $1,000 to $3,000

Side-effects of Spleen Removal In Dogs

For splenic hemangiosarcoma, spleen removal remains to be the cornerstone of treatment. Sometimes, the surgery can be curative if there is no metastases or if the mass is benign. However, there are side-effects of spleen removal in dogs, which are commonly the following:

  • Metastases complications
  • Infection
  • Instant death due to arrhythmias
  • Arrhythmias
  • Internal bleeding
  • Anesthetic death
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation or DIC, which is the abnormal clotting that happens and which may cause death in a dog.
  • Hemobartonella infection, which is the infection of the blood due to parasites, which are cleansed by the spleen.

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