Smelly Dog Farts Causes: Tips on How to Stop Stinky Dog Farting

Smelly Dog Farts Causes: Tips on How to Stop Stinky Dog Farting

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Smelly Dog Farts

It is difficult to teach the dog to move away or out the house if he wants to fart. Thus, the owner would never know when he will release his stinky gas. Though it can be solved temporarily by spraying air freshener in the room, it is always best to solve the root cause of the problem.

How to Stop Smelly Dog Farts

  • Smelly farts could be caused by poor quality food. Thus, give the dog a different diet.
  • Yogurt could actually help solve flatulence.

    It could help improve digestion and could help reduce the stink in the dog’s fart.

Causes of Smelly Dog Farts

  • Eating too fast could actually cause flatulence. If the dog wolfs down his food, encourage him to eat slowly. If this is difficult to do, feed him small meals so that we would not be gulping too much air. Rationing the food might not be easy to owners who are out of their house most times of the day. Arrange for someone to feed the dog or buy food dispensers that give the dog a little food from time to time.
  • There are food items that could cause gas in dogs the same way that they do to humans. Thus, it is not a good idea to feed the dog with bean sprouts and stuff like that.
  • Leftovers, table scraps, and poor quality dog food could also cause smelly farts.

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