Smelly Dog Ears Home Remedies: How To Clean Dog Itchy and Stinky Ear

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Smelly Dog Ears

Some dog breeds are more prone to have smelly ears because of the anatomical structure of their ears. For instance, Bassett Hounds are known to be more prone to otitis externa or infection of the outer ear.

Smelly Dog Ears

  • Smelly ears could be a sign of infection, especially if the odor is pungent.
  • The best thing to know if the dog has infection (often in the form of otitis externa) is to bring him to a vet. The vet will take a swab sample from the ears and diagnose the ailment through microscopic examination.
  • Not all smelly ears are caused by otitis externa. At times, dogs could also have yeast infection in their ears. This will often produce a brown tinge in the ears that is strong smelling.

Smelly Dog Ears Home Remedy

  • Although a visit to the vet is very helpful, owners could also treat their dogs at home.
  • Remedy could either be the medication the vet has prescribed or home remedies.

How To Clean Smelly Dog Ears

  • Flush out the dog’s ears with dilute vinegar – 1 part vinegar in 5 parts water. To do this, squirt the solution inside the dog’s ears. This can be very uncomfortable for the dog so it is best to give him a treat after the process.
  • When squirting the liquid, do not insert the tip of the bottle inside the ears. This way, when the dog jerks his head in reflex, the tip will not hurt his sensitive ears.
  • Use the dog’s ear to close to opening and massage the liquid inside his ears. Then, allow him to shake his head and try to shake the liquid out his ears.
  • There would often be some particles or even gunk coming out his ears. Take these with a cotton swab.

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