Smelly Dog (Canine) Feet: How To Cure Dog Stinky Feet | Dog Paw Odor

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There are some smells that can indicate a skin problem. It is important to look carefully into the odor the dog is emitting and see whether this is something insignificant or needs medical attention.

Smelly Dog Feet

  • One natural odor that dogs emit is smells from their paws or paw pads.
  • The smell usually comes from in between the dog’s toes.
  • The area in between the dog’s toes is often prone to developing moisture and thus harboring bacteria.
  • Smelly dog paws also arise when the natural bacteria exceeds the normal usual count found between the dog’s toes.
  • Hairy dog breeds are very prone to developing smelly feet.

How to Cure Smelly Dog Feet

  • For some, this smell is natural and hence does not require any treatment needed.
  • Others can opt to wipe their dog’s feet with moist towelettes.
  • Another option is to soak the dog’s paws using a soapy solution from a combination of water and fragrant dog shampoo.
  • When soaking, the dog’s paws should be scrubbed, paying special attention to the areas between the toes.
  • Bathing the dog is another good option.
  • Bathing should be done on a weekly basis, scrubbing the dog clean, especially areas that are found to be smelly.
  • When the smell is offensive, inspect the dog’s paws more closely to check for any skin irritation or problems that may require medical attention.

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