Smelly Dog Breath: How To Treat the Causes Of Stinky Breath

Smelly Dog Breath: How To Treat the Causes Of Stinky Breath

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Smelly Dog Breath Why?

  • Plaque and gum disease are among the most common reasons why dogs have a smelly breath. Like in humans, plaque builds up on and around the dog’s teeth. This plaque will harden and could push the gums lower until bacteria could penetrate the sensitive areas under the teeth. When bacteria proliferate on the gums, they emit foul smelling by products.
  • Although not very common, tooth decay could still affect dogs. This could also cause bad breath.

Causes of Smelly Dog Breath.


  • A poor diet can actually lead to smelly breath. It is difficult to determine what really comprises a good diet because different dog food manufacturers would claim that theirs is better than the competitions’. The best thing to do is consult a vet and ask him for the best food for the dog.
  • Remember, poor dental care is among the most common culprits for smelly breath. Brush the dog’s teeth regularly.
  • Sometimes, medical conditions such distemper and kidney diseases will also cause breath problems.

How to Treat Smelly Dog Breath

  • If the smelly breath is caused by a medical condition, the condition should be treated first.
  • Because poor diet could cause breath problems, changing the dog’s diet could treat the problem.
  • Chewing on hard things such as bones could remove plaque and stimulate the gums.

How to Get Rid of Smelly Dog Breath

  • Regular tooth brushing and giving breath mints could help solve the problem. If the owner finds it difficult to brush the dog’s teeth, the vet can do this.

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