Side Effects and Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs and Their Sources

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Fish oil for dogs is becoming popular among dog owners as it does not only treat conditions such as allergies and other skin problems, it also helps in the treatment of elevated cholesterol levels, arthritis and kidney diseases.

Fish Oil for Dogs

  • The administration of fish oil in dogs is quite safe.
  • Recent studies have shown that fatty acid supplementation slowed down the growth of tumors in dogs with cancer.
  • According to the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, the condition of dogs with heart disease was greatly improved when they were treated with fish oils rich in omega-3.
  • Raw fish meat is a good source of fish oil for dogs. Sardines are a heavy favorite among canines.

Fish Oil for Dogs Side Effects

  • Dogs taking fish oil may have fishy breath.
  • Oily stools and diarrhea are also common side effects in dogs taking fish oil supplements. When a dog experiences this, it is best to switch supplement brands or reduce the dose.
  • The best way to starting out fish oil supplementation in dogs is to start in small doses and observe which form works best for the dog-pill or liquid form.


  • Autoimmune conditions and allergic reactions respond well to fish oil supplementation in dogs.
  • Due to the anti-inflammatory effects of fish oil, dogs suffering from inflammatory disorders such as ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory diseases can also benefit from fish oil supplementation.
  • Dogs have better skin and shinier coats.
  • The DHA found in fish oils is vital in neural development among younger dogs. Puppies nourished with DHA tend to be smarter and more trainable.
  • Fish oil helps delay the effects of mental decline in older dogs.
  • Dogs suffering from high levels of bad cholesterol also benefit from fish oils and the omega-3 fatty acids help in the production of HDL, the good cholesterol. Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, blood clot formation and arrhythmia are prevented.

Fish Oil for Dogs Sources

  • Excellent sources of fish oil for dogs include salmon, trout, ocean white fish and herring. These sources can be naturally incorporated into the dog’s meal.
  • Many pet owners choose to feed dogs with omega-3 oils in capsule and liquid forms. They are often mixed directly into the food.
  • Other rich sources include flax seed oils, soybean oils and pumpkin seeds.

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