Pop Eye Fish (Exophthalmus) Disease: Symptoms And Treatment

Pop Eye Fish (Exophthalmus) Disease: Symptoms And Treatment

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Pop Eye Fish Disease

Exophthalmus disease is a type of illness in which the eyes of fish bulges or seems to pop out. This is not, by itself, the disease but is merely a symptom of an underlying disease. Fish owners should try to understand the ailment because it becomes worse.

Pop Eye Fish Disease

  • The disease would exhibit as a bulging of the eyes.

    If this affects just 1 eye, it could be caused by trauma such as that from a fight. If both eyes are affected, then it could be caused by bacterial infection.

  • The pop eye can be caused by bacteria. However, often, this is not just the only reason for the pop eye. The fish could actually be affected due to a combination of low tank water quality, overcrowding, undernourishment, stress, and bacterial infection. It could also be affected by temperature fluctuations in the water as well as excess lighting.
  • It is also important to note that this ailment could also be caused by a parasitic infection.
  • At first, there would be bulging. If left untreated, this bulging will stretch the skin that holds the eyes in place. Then, the eyes would begin to lose sight. In time, the fish can go blind.

Pop Eye Fish Disease Treatment

  • The fish that exhibits symptoms of pop eye should be separated from the rest of the fishes.
  • Treatment for pop eye can vary but the vet will offer some antibacterial solutions that can be placed in the water.
  • Remove any decoration in the tank.
  • It is best to keep the tank in a dark place, away from harsh lights.
  • Keep the tank clean.

    Check for ammonia levels.

  • Epsom salt may also be used to draw the liquids out of the bulge.

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