Pepto Bismol for Dogs Diarrhea, Upset Stomach: Dog Diarrhea Treatment

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Pepto Bismol for Dogs

  • Pepto Bismol for dogs is an effective and safe treatment for upset stomach or diarrhea.
  • For dogs with upset stomach, the Pepto eases the gastrointestinal tract and provides relief.
  • The dosage for upset stomach is based on body weight, however it has been established that 5 milliliters or 1-2 teaspoons every 6-8 hours is an appropriate dose for an average sized dog.

    Smaller dogs would need only 1 teaspoon, and the larger dogs requiring the higher dose. Check with your vet for your specific dogs needs.

  • Do not use Pepto Bismol for any reason in dogs that have bleeding problems or dogs who are pregnant.
  • Side effects of Pepto Bismol are, dark colored feces, this could include a greenish color or gray and a darkening of the dogs tongue. If the dog gets a urine test, there may be inaccurate readings in the results. Be sure the technician is aware that your dog has taken Pepto Bismol. The test may need to be redone for accurate results. Read more about Causes And Treatment Of Dog Stomach Noises

Pepto Bismol for Diarrhea in Dogs

  • Every dog gets a bout of diarrhea at one time or another in his life.

    As long as it is short lived and there is no concern about dehydration, Pepto Bismol for diarrhea is safe to give your pet. The dose for diarrhea is 1 milliliter per pound of your dog’s weight. If your dog weighs 50 pounds, the dose would be 1 teaspoon or 5 milliliters.

  • Keep an eye on how long the diarrhea lasts. If the diarrhea is persistent and continues longer than a week or so, you will want to check feces for signs of intestinal parasites. After a week or more of diarrhea, concerns about dehydration should be addressed. Have fresh fluids within the dogs reach. Watch for signs of fever and loss of appetite.
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