Natural Homemade Dog Breath Freshener Diet and Recipes:How To Make

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The breath of dogs can be fresh even if they eat raw foods and those which can leave strong odor in the mouth. To prevent bad breath, a regular hygiene is also practiced among dogs. Dog breath freshener includes:

  • A proper dog dental care, which involves
    • Annual veterinary dental exams
    • Annual teeth cleaning
    • Daily tooth-brushing
  • Diet that includes hard kibble and dry biscuits
  • If bad breath persists in dogs even after brushing of their teeth, the vet can be helpful in determining the cause, which can be any gastrointestinal diseases and gum diseases.
    • Take some steps to freshen the breath of your dogs, which include breath freshener treat made of:
      • Cinnamon oil
      • Peppermint oil
      • Spearmint oil
    • These fresh breath treats are specially formulated to clean the dog’s teeth and freshen their breath.
    • Mix a drop of the oils in the dog’s drinking water. A drop of the oil is mixed with 20 ounce of cold water.

Natural Homemade Dog Breath Freshener

There are natural homemade dog breath fresheners that you can try. You can combine a few ingredients or use them as a standalone. Some of the foods that you can give to your dogs for fresh breath are:

  • Raw vegetables including parsley, which is not only good for keeping fresh breath. It is also a healthy addition to your dog’s diet. You can also add this ingredient into the dog biscuit mix or batter.
  • Oral rinses for dogs or puppies
  • Chew toy can prevent plague build-up
  • Rawhide bone, which works the same way as does the chew toy

Dog Breath Freshener Recipe

Dog breath freshener recipe can be easy to concoct. Most ingredients are readily found in your kitchen.

Some recipes are the following:

  • You can combine parsley, fennel, dill, and ginger extracts with spearmint oil. Pour some drops in the water bowl. Every time the drinking cup is refilled, never forget to put some drops of the mixture. This can also be mixed with the foods prepared for your dog. The ingredients are not only good for freshening the breath, but also good for digestion and can restrict the production of gas.
  • You can use peppermint and or cinnamon oil in replacement of spearmint oil.
  • You can also mix shredded carrots with half of a cup of chopped fresh mint and lime juice. This can be given directly to dogs or can be mixed with dry food.
  • A mixture of yogurt, turkey, and carrots
  • Peanut butter and mint dog biscuits. Just be careful with your fingers in feeding your dogs as they love this treat.

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