Kidney Failure in Cats: Symptoms and Treatments for Cats Renal Failure

Kidney Failure in Cats: Symptoms and Treatments for Cat’s Renal Failure

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Symptoms of Renal (Kidney) Failure in Cats

  • First symptoms include, excessive thirst and excessive peeing. Read how to make your cat stop peeing on the floor
  • Kidney failure in cats can be acute or chronic.
  • Acute kidney failure is usually due to a toxin ingested by the cat such as rat poison or antifreeze.
  • Antifreeze is a sweet taste to a cat and very small amounts can cause an agonizing death. Keep all household and car products out of reach of your cat.
  • Chronic kidney failure can be caused by long term use of dry cat foods. This can lead to dehydration that lasts over long periods of time. The urine becomes concentrated.
  • The urine builds up poisons causing weight loss, lethargy, loss of appetite and vomiting
  • Kidney failure is a progressive disease. It cannot be reversed. When the cat loses kidney cells, the cells are replaced by scar tissue.
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  • More symptoms of renal failure in cats and how to deal with this condition.

Treatments for Kidney Failure in Cats

  • Feed a diet low in salt, phosphorous, magnesium and protein.
  • Have fresh water available and within reach.
  • Clean the litter box frequently. The cat will hold urine for long periods of time if the litter is overflowing and dirty. This causes toxins to build up in the bladder.
  • Some natural ingredients you can use as home remedies to support the kidneys are burdock, dandelion, and cleaver. All can be purchased in drop form and added to food.
  • Burdock and cleavers are 2 herbs that cleans out the blood and purifys the systems by helping to flush out toxins.
  • Dandelion is full of Vitamin A, B, C, and D. It also contains iron and zinc. It helps stimulate appetite and assists in getting urine flowing.
  • Most cats will show improved symptoms within a week and others it may take up to a month. Be consistent.
  • Diet is important in cats with kidney disease, read more on diet for cats with kidney disease
  • Read more about kidney infections in cats and its treatment
  • Also read age expectancy of cats by breed

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