Ick Fish Disease: Symptoms and Treatment For Fungus Illness

Ick Fish Disease: Symptoms and Treatment For Fungus Illness

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Ick, or ich, infests freshwater tropical fishes, koi and other game fishes. If the infected aquarium is left untreated, the other healthy fishes can also obtain the same symptoms of the disease.

How to Prevent Ick Fish Fungus

  • Change 20-30% of the water regularly every week.
  • Monitor the temperature and PH levels inside the tank and be wary of fluctuations.
  • If one of the fishes looks sick, immediately take it out from the group and place it under quarantine to observe any developing infection within two weeks.

Symptoms of Ick Fish Illness

  • Appearance of white spots on the fish, usually on body, fins and eyes.
  • Fish may scratch against rocks or ornaments or rub itself against the sides of the tank.
  • In severe cases, fish may appear to breathe with difficulty.
  • They may hang around beside the power filter in an effort to pump their gills and get oxygen.
  • Infected fish do not eat.
  • Sick fish may stay at the bottom of the tank or pond.

Ick Fish Disease Treatment

  • The best form of treatment is the natural method, just calibrating the temperature settings to a level of 82-84 degrees within the tank.
  • Maintain the temperature for about 3 weeks to kill the ick that has infested the tank.
  • Every week, do the regular weekly water change, including vacuuming the substrate area. Salt dissolved separately in water can be added to the tank.
  • If the heated water method does not work, malachite green solution can be the next form of treatment.

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