How To Remove Dog Tear Stains and Home Remedies for it?

How To Remove Dog Tear Stains and Home Remedies for it?

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Tear strains is a common dilemma experienced by dogs, especially the Maltese,  the Lhasa Apso, the Shih Tzu and all other dogs who have light colored coat of medium to long fur. It is seen as a red or brown around and under or under the eyes.

Dog Tear Stains Home Remedy

Dog tear stains that appear from a dog’s eye are usually reddish, brownish, or pinkish in color. They can sometimes be unsightly especially to affected dogs that have white or fair-colored manes.

If nor remedied, tear stains around a dog’s eyes will make them look sick or untidy. To remove those stains, here are some grooming tips one must do at home:

  • Bathe the dog regularly to help keep the face, especially around the eyes, clean. Regular bathing will well reduce the stains.
  • Wipe the dog’s face. There are wipes especially made for dogs that one can use for the stains around the eyes.
  • Keep the dog’s eyes as dry as possible. Any moisture can be a cause for an infection or more staining. Check the dog’s eye from time to time to know if it needs drying.

Dog Tear Stains Causes

Tear staining in dogs can be a recurring problem. To remedy this condition, one must know what causes dog tear stains. The following are a few common reasons for this problem, and this includes:

  • Genetics – some dogs happen to be born with an irregular drainage system that causes excessive tearing.
  • Shape of the Eye – eyes that stick out can result in eyelids being stretched hence restricting the proper function of the drainage system.
  • Eye Irritations – can be either caused by a foreign object in the eye or an allergy
  • Abnormal Eyelids – some eyelids of dogs are turned inward causing it to rub and irritate the eye.
  • Infections – excessive tears or hair around the eyes can cause growth of bacteria and yeast. The most common is the red yeast that causes the reddish-brown stains around the eyes.
  • Eye inflammation – any inflammation of the eye or the duct system can be a cause for excessive dog tearing.

Removing Dog Tear Stains Home Remedy

There are many home ingredients one can use to concoct a home remedy especially made to remove dog tear stains, one example is the Milk of Magnesia Method. To do this, one must do the following:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of milk of magnesia and 2 tablespoon of peroxide in a bowl.
  • Add cornstarch and slowly mix the ingredients together until the mixture forms into a thick paste.
  • Using a soft toothbrush or cloth, carefully apply the mixture to the tear stains. Do it slowly that the mixture will not come in contact with the dog’s eyes.
  • Let it dry for a few hours or overnight, and make sure that the dog doesn’t touch his/her face.
  • Rinse the dog’s face with warm water to clean out the mixture.

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