How To Detect Saltwater Fish Ich Symptoms: Causes and Treatment

How To Detect Saltwater Fish Ich Symptoms: Causes and Treatment

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Saltwater Fish Ich

This is a parasitic infection in fishes that can lead to death when it is not treated immediately.

  • Caused by a protozoan called Cryptocaryon Irritans
  • It has similar characteristics to freshwater ich, only the infective agent is different
  • Isolation is necessary for a sick fish and treating the water in the tank is a must too.
  • The ulcers left by the lesions on the skin can lead to secondary infections, which can be serious and kill the fish.
  • Secondary infections can be bacterial or fungal


  • White Spots on the Skin – These spots are actually the cysts of the Cryptocaryon Irritans. When they erupt they spread the infection in the water and leave ulcers on the skin of the fishes.
  • Breathing problems – occurs when the protozoan lodges in the gills of the fish. The infected animal can appear to gasp for air. It may also stay near waterfalls or where there is a high amount of oxygen in the water.
  • Flashing or Scraping – This can happen when the fish is trying to get rid of the cysts. It can lead to damage on the scales and wounds that can become infected.

Saltwater Fish Ich Treatment

  • There are a number of treatment methods for fish who have ich
  • UV sterilization can also be used and this does not affect other tank inhabitants.
  • Isolation and a Fresh Water Bath Can help
  • Fresh water will lyse the protozoan, but fish should not be left for longer than 10 minutes in a fresh water bath as it can kill them.
  • The fish may swim on its side when in the bath, but will recover when replaced in the salt water.

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