How To Detect Fish Ulcer Disease: How Do I Begin Treatment

How To Detect Fish Ulcer Disease: How Do I Begin Treatment

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Ulcers on Fish

Ulcers are basically the breaks or cracks in the skin of the fish which includes holes on the flesh as well.

  • Ulcers are inflamed holes found on the skin and around the mouth and other parts of the fish.
  • These ulcers are highly contagious and could easily infect all the fishes in the tank in a matter of days.
  • Without any form of treatment, these ulcers rapidly progress to become bigger. As more parts of the fish are affected, the mortality rate becomes high.

Fish Ulcer Disease

  • This disease can be caused by a number of factors, including chemicals, bacteria, and parasites.
  • Fishes are more susceptible to ulcers if the environment, i.e., the tank, they are living in is dirty.
  • Also, fishes subjected to stress factors are more likely to be affected by the ailment than those who are stress-free.
  • The organisms that cause the ulcer disease can actually remain dormant without a host for a long period of time. Thus, an infected tank with no fish for a long time can still cause an infection when new fishes are added to it.

Fish Ulcer Treatment

  • The best way to prevent ulcer diseases is to keep the tank clean. The tank should also have the right balance of chemicals and should be in the right temperature – not too hot but not too cold.
  • If any of the fishes are affected, isolate them and treat them with medication in the “hospital” tank.
  • Still, it is a good idea to clean out the original tank very well before restocking the fishes.
  • To treat fish ulcers you may use medicated food, bath treatments, or even topical medications and antibiotic injections which are very effective and safe.

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