Hearing Loss in Cats: Causes and Treatments for Sudden Hearing Problem

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Causes of Sudden Hearing Problem in Cats

  • Although hearing loss gradually over the years are perfectly normal. A cause of sudden hearing loss in cats generally is related to injury or some medical illness.
  • There may be a buildup of thick wax that is impeding your cats hearing. Ear mites may have infested the ear, or most devastatingly, tumors.
  • A rapid onset of hearing loss can also be caused by neurological problems.

    There are no real treatments for this.

  • Hearing aids HAVE been tried, but they are not properly fitting and the cats despise having something stuck in their ear.
  • The sudden loss can be temporary, it is not always permanent.

Treatments for Hearing Loss in Cats

  • As a treatment for sudden hearing loss in cats, a good inspection and ear cleaning regularly can prevent wax build up. Use some apple cider or white vinegar 1x a week. Allow the solution to break up the wax and massage ears gently to facilitate removal.
  • If ear mites are present, a good cleansing to start with, followed by a rubbing of oil in the ear will kill the mites. The soap and water will cleanse, the oil will smother them.
  • If all other attempts fail at answering why the sudden hearing loss, see a vet. A special test will need to be done to check for masses or infection deep down inside the eardrum.
  • Remember that cats with hearing loss can still feel vibrations, so you can still get their attentions by clapping and stirring up air close to them.
  • Cats will compensate for hearing loss with their other senses.
  • You can also read more about deafness in labradors and its treatment options.

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