Hairball in Dogs: Causes, Home Remedies and Treatment of Dogs Hairball

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What is Hairball in Dogs and Its Causes

  • Hairball in dogs is caused the dog trying to groom himself. The dog licks himself and ends up swallowing some of the hair. This hair accumulates into a mass and the dog tries to cough it up. Unfortunately that is not always possible.
  • Sometimes the dog will actually vomit in an attempt to get it out.

    If the dog does not have luck coughing it up or excreting it in his stool, the mass may grow in size and become entrapped in the intestines. The doggy may become constipated or worse yet , may end up with an intestinal blockage. At that point it could turn into an emergency situation.

Home Remedies and Cures for Hairball in Dogs.


  • First and foremost, the best home remedy for hairball in dogs is to help your best friend out with his grooming needs. The more you brush him and remove excess hair, the less hair available to get stuck inside the body. That can’t be fun!
  • Make sure your pet has adequate fiber in his diet to help with constipation.

    Psyllium can be added to his food for helping with constipation that may occur with the build up of hairball. Wheat bran is also effective to assist with constipation issues. A teaspoon of flaxseed oil in your dogs food may help to lubricate the hair that is build up to facilitate passage. Get more information on treatments for anemia in dogs.

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  • The best remedy is prevention, so happy brushing. Your dog will love spending the extra time with you.
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