Fish Tuberculosis (Curved Spine): Symptoms and Treatment of Fish TB

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There are plenty of diseases that fishes can contract – be they in home aquariums, pet shop, or out in their natural habitat. Tuberculosis could also affect fish

Fish Tuberculosis (Fish TB)

  • Tuberculosis (Curved Spine) in fish species has a worldwide distribution. Thus, any fish could possibly contract this ailment. Still, there appears to be some species that are more susceptible to developing or contracting this ailment. Such species include labyrinth air breathers, neon tetras, gouramis, and discus.
  • This ailment is caused by bacteria, Mycobacteria marinum.
  • This disease easily spreads in the water, with bacteria forming cultures in various places of tank. More often than not, if one fish is infected, the others would soon follow.

Fish Tuberculosis Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of this ailment include:

  • Lack of interest in food. This could also lead to the stomach looking sunken or empty.
  • Pop eye or cloudy eyes.
  • White spots on the exterior.
  • Rapid breathing.
  • Frayed or degraded fins.
  • The fish appears to be tired and lies on its side close to the bottom of the tank.
  • The fish appears tired and wants to be left alone, in seclusion in the tank.

Fish Tuberculosis Treatment

It is important to provide treatment as soon as possible. However, many treatment options do not work well, especially because in most cases the disease will be detected at its advanced stages.

  • Some vitamins such as Vitamin B6 could be helpful in slowing down the progression of the ailment.
  • Some drugs may also be given to the fishes – the vet will know what to do.
  • If only 1 fish seems infected, immediately isolate it from the others.

    If many or all are infected, do not add new fish into the tank.

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