Dogs Foaming At The Mouth Causes: Why My Dog Foaming From The Mouth

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Dog Foaming at the Mouth: Cause and Treatment

Foaming at the mouth is often attributed to rabies in dogs, but most of the time it is caused by something else.

  • Energy Exertion – Dogs regulate their body temperature through panting. After exerting too much energy like in running or playing, they can salivate easily and appear to foam at the mouth.
  • Nausea – Sick dogs who experience nausea can also over salivate
  • Bad Taste in Mouth – Dogs have a tendency to eat all sorts of things, this can stimulate the salivary glands causing foaming or over salivation.
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  • .Nervous Reaction – This can trigger an increase production of saliva and can be caused by anxiety and stress
  • Poisoning – If a dog has ingested a poisonous substance, one of the symptoms could be an increase in saliva production.
  • GI and Respiratory Problems – Dogs who are experiencing trouble swallowing or trouble breathing could foam in the mouth too.
  • Seizures – The symptom is going to be accompanied by muscle spasms, collapse, loss of consciousness.
  • Oral Health Issues – problems with the mouth can cause issues with swallowing.
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  • .Rabies – This can cause foaming at the mouth, but it is usually accompanied by erratic behavior in the animal, they could become aggressive. In this case, the symptom is caused by rapid breathing and excessive drooling.


Dogs foaming out the mouth can be very alarming for pet owners. Luckily in most cases it is preventable. Rabies has a vaccine and energy exertion can be avoided by making sure that he dog gets enough rest.


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