Dog Yellow and Green Nasal Discharge: Sneezing Causes and Treatment

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Dog Nasal Discharge

  • In dogs, nasal discharge could occur because of an irritant or object that obstruct or infect the respiratory tract.
  • The discharge could be watery or sticky – just like what humans experience. It is also possible that the discharge is bloody.
  • Often, nasal discharge will cause the dog a lot of discomfort. It might even be painful especially if it obstructs proper breathing.

Causes of Nasal Discharge in Dogs

  • Objects can easily become lodged inside the dog’s nose. It is possible that the nasal discharge is just the dog’s reaction to an obstruction inside its nasal passages. This will often be accompanied by sneezing and by the dog trying to scratch or “paw” its nose.
  • Nasal mites can take up residence inside the dog’s nasal passages, causing an infection that will eventually lead to nasal discharge.
  • Allergies to pollen, dust, and other triggers/allergens could also cause nasal discharge.
  • Infections of the nasal passages, especially the upper respiratory tract, are common causes for nasal discharge.
  • Nasal tumors and cysts.

Green Nasal Discharge in Dogs

  • Green nasal discharge could be due to distemper, oral tumors, nasal tumors, respiratory infections, and even congenital or chronic diseases.

Yellow Nasal Discharge in Dogs

  • A yellow discharge could be caused by Kennel cough, common colds, and allergic rhinitis.

Treatment for Dog Sneezing and Nasal Discharge in Dogs

Because the root causes for the problem differ, the treatments required also vary.

  • Keep the dog away from the allergens and triggers.
  • Medications are often used to treat the problem – these medications vary: antifungal medications or antibiotics, again, depending on the causative agent.
  • Tumors and cysts may have to be removed.

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