Dog Toothpaste Ingredients: How To Make Homemade Toothpaste Recipes

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Perhaps one of the most important parts of a dog’s body is the teeth. Teeth are used not only for chewing and eating, but also as a means of defense for the dog in times of danger. It is because this importance that makes it necessary for the teeth of the dog to be well cared for, preferably with quality dog toothpaste.

How to Make Homemade Dog Toothpaste

  • Toothpaste for dogs varies especially when following a different dog toothpaste recipe.
  • Typical dog toothpaste ingredients include sodium bicarbonate, sorbitol, carrageenan, potassium sorbate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, glycerin, and other ingredients. Some people like to mix artificial flavoring to the mix in order to make the paste tastier, but that depends on the preference of the dog.
  • An excellent example of a homemade toothpaste that is great for dogs is as follows: .
    • Measure six teaspoons baking soda, four teaspoons glycerin, and 1/3 of salt.
    • Mix the measured ingredients together in a small container.
    • Add approximately two teaspoons full of flavoring – this may be a bit of broth of chicken or beef.
    • Mix the ingredients together until it creates a nice paste.
    • Put some of the paste on a finger and let the dog familiarize with the smell of the paste.
    • Start by rubbing the paste on the teeth of the dog. One the dog becomes agreeable with the taste and smell, put some paste on a brush and apply the paste on the front teeth of the dog.
    • After a successful front teeth cleaning, gradually begin brushing the rest of the teeth of the dog.
  • IMPORTANT: Be very careful so that the dog does not bite once you start brushing its teeth. Make it seem fun for the dog if possible.
    • Remember to praise the dog for being good if brushing is successful.
    • Do not force the toothpaste on the dog. As much as possible, keep the whole experience pleasant and positive.

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