Dog Hot Spots Treatment and Home Remedies: What Are Dog Hot Spots

Dog Hot Spots Treatment and Home Remedies: What Are Dog Hot Spots

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What Are Dog Hot Spots And Its Causes

  • Hot spots in dogs are also called Acute Moist Dermatitis.
  • Hot spots are caused by extreme itching, scratching and licking incessantly. This condition leads tearing openings in the skin. These openings into the skin destroy the integrity of the skin and make portals for bacteria and deadly organisms to enter.
  • Dangerous infections can take over and are difficult to treat. It is important to get to the reasons for the itching, scratching and licking that has lead the dog to such self mutilating extremes.
  • Allergies to food or airborne inhalants can be the culprit or more seriously, a condition called mange may be responsible.
  • Skin scrapings may be done to rule out mange. The test will determine what bacteria or fungus is present. Fleas are considered also. Read also about acute moist dermatitis in dogs and symptoms of allergic dermatitis in dogs

Home Remedies for and Natural Treatment for Dog Hot Spots

  • A home remedy for dog’s hot spots allergies is a thorough exam to look for parasites. You may seem small white flat tapeworms in the stool that could verify parasite infestation.
  • Medicated shampoos using benzyl peroxide helps a lot to get rid of secondary bacterial infections.
  • Antihistamine shampoos and oatmeal are used as soothing measures after thorough cleansing with soap less cleaner.
  • Nuetraceuticals seem to be beneficial and have shown not to cause more harm. The Omega fatty acids are helpful.
  • Broad spectrum antibiotics are sometimes essential to fight severe secondary infections.
  • It is recommended to trim the hair around hot spots to allow the area to dry out. This is vital as we know that warm, moist environments are conducive to serious growth of bacteria.
  • Dog hot spots allergy is difficult to heal once the skin is open. Care must be taken to decrease the itching and scratching and prevent further trauma.
  • Distraction is always an option, but difficult to accomplish at the point where the dog is in physical pain and overcome by a desire to soothe himself.
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