Dog foot pad injury: Problems and Treatment of Foot Pad Cut in Canines

Dog foot pad injury: Problems and Treatment of Foot Pad Cut in Canines

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Consider a dog’s foot pad as their shoes. Foot pads are the toughest part of a dog’s skin. This is located under each digit, the metacarpal and metatarsal joints of dogs and consists of a thick and spongy structure. Foot pads also contain a lot of blood vessels. Due to their location, it is highly prone to injury and when a food pad or pads are injured, possible bleeding can ensue.

Dog Foot Pad Injury

  • Foot pads are important to dogs as it absorbs the shock and pressure from standing and running.
  • The most common foot pad injuries include: lacerations, punctures, abrasions, burns, tumors, and traumatic pad removal.
  • Some foot pad injuries that are so severe do not heal.

Dog Foot Problems to Watch Out For

  • When a dog experiences foot pad injuries, it will display symptoms such as bleeding, limping, not putting weight on the affected food, pad discoloration, and excessive licking of the foot pad affected.
  • When a dog owner notices any of these signs, it is best to inspect the foot pad for the cause of injury.
  • Be extremely careful when handling an injured dog because it might bite especially when it feels threatened or feels pain when handled.

Treatment of Foot Pad Cuts and Other Injuries

  • When a foot pad injury is discovered, it is best to have the veterinarian take a look at the wound for proper management.
  • For cuts and abrasions – the wound will have to be cleaned with antibacterial wash and wrapped with a light bandage. An Elizabethan collar may have to be placed on the dog to prevent the dog from licking the affected foot pad.
  • For deep lacerations – the vet will suture the wounded pad and then apply a bandage as well as a splint.
  • For burns and blisters – wash the affected pad with antibacterial wash and apply a bandage.
  • For dry, cracked pads – Apply a special footpad cream. Never attempt to apply human moisturizers.

For foreign objects – The foreign object is removed with a tweezers and matted fur is trimmed back.

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