Dog Farts Cure: Home Remedy When Dog Farts A Lot and All The Time

Dog Farts Cure: Home Remedy When Dog Farts A Lot and All The Time

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Imagine sitting in your lounge relaxing when suddenly you smell something quite out of the ordinary. If you checked various places where the stench could have originated from, and it was not you, who else could it be? It could be that your dog just farted and you got a whiff of it.

Farting in dogs is normal just like in humans. But if your dog farts a lot, you can find some home remedies to help you and your pet deal with the discomfort.

Dog Gas Farts Home Remedies and Cures

Flatulence in dogs is a result of bacteria that is in the digestive tract of the animal that acts on the food items. Truth is, there are some breeds that are more flatulent than others. While this is something that can be disruptive to pet owners, it is actually often not as bothersome to the dog. However, just because the dog farts all the time, doesn’t mean you have to endure it. Here are some dietary recommendations:.


  • Elimination of Soy In Diet – Soy beans that are included in the dog’s diet are loaded with proteins that are often hard to digest. This produces a lot of gas in the dog’s digestive tract making it more flatulent. Eliminating this may make a big difference for the dog and for the owner. Read also tips and aids for dog owners.
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  • Activated charcoal – Adding charcoal to the diet of the dog can help provide dog farts cure. Activated charcoal may be purchased over the counter at some pet stores, and this helps detoxify gases within the dog.
  • Consuming Digestive Enzymes – Digestive enzymes may be given to the dog before or during feeding time. These enzymes help promote digestion of food which in turn helps eliminate the build-up of gas in the intestines.
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On top of these changes in the diet of the dog, also regularly take your pet for a walk or play fetch with it for some exercise. This is because exercise is known to simulate bowel movement which aids in lessening dog farting.

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