Dog Dry Nose: How to Treat Peeling & Cracked Nose Problems in Canines

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Dog Dry Nose

  • Dehydration or the reduction of fluid inside the dog’s body could lead to a dry nose.
  • When the dog’s nose is dry, however, owners should not be alarmed immediately. Sometimes, dry spells happen, especially when the weather is warm or there is too much dust in the wind. Owners should watch out for other sickness symptoms before concluding that the dog is, indeed, sick.
  • By the way, dogs naturally have warm bodies. Take note of that before thinking that the dog has fever. Take his temperature – if it is more than 102.0 °F, call the vet or bring the dog to his clinic.
  • Always, if unsure, it pays to err in the side of caution, so to speak. Bring the dog to a vet – he will know for sure if the dog is sick or not.

Dog Nose Dry and Cracked

  • When the dry nose is also cracked, that is a serious problem. It could mean that the dog has a problem with his immune system. It could also mean other internal problems, including having eaten something not good for him.
  • Dry and cracked nose is also a sign of parvo. Have the dog checked by a vet immediately.
  • A cracked nose may be rubbed with a small amount of olive oil or petroleum jelly.
  • If the skin on and around the nose is peeling, it could mean that the dog is seriously dehydrated. It is also possible that the dog had suffered a bout of infection or just a dermatological condition.
  • This can be treated with some ointment, petroleum jelly, or olive oil. Owners could also try giving the dog some vitamins.

Dog Nose Peeling

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