Dog (Canine) Teeth Cleaning Risks: How Much Dental Cleaning Cost

Dog (Canine) Teeth Cleaning Risks: How Much Dental Cleaning Cost

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Dog Teeth Cleaning

  • Cleaning the dog’s teeth at home will definitely be a good cost saving habit because visits to the vet for teeth cleaning will be minimized or eliminated.
  • Dogs rarely develop cavities. However, like humans, they can also have plaque buildup that could turn into hardened plaque called tartar. This hard tartar is very difficult to clean by yourself; thus, it is important to have the dog’s teeth cleaned regularly to prevent tartar. Also read how to make homemade toothpaste recipes.
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  • Also, tartar can cause gingivitis which could in turn cause periodontal disease and infections in other organs of the body.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost

  • Home cleaning isn’t expensive. All the pet owner needs is a special toothbrush and toothpaste for the dog.
  • Also read toothbrush for dogs
  • Although the dog might resist the brushing, this is often just at the start. When the brushing becomes a habit, dogs would not be so opposed to it as before.
  • Cleaning costs at the vet is a different thing. It can be very expensive because the owner will be paying for:.
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  • General anesthesia. Almost always, vets will do the procedure with general anesthesia to prevent bites and unnecessary movements by the dog.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Professional fees.
  • Use of equipment and clinic.
  • Other incidentals, especially if the dog has mouth and/or teeth problems.
  • If the two options are compared, vet visits will definitely cost more than home cleaning. However, the vet is more qualified to do the job and knows how to clean the teeth well.
  • It is actually up to the owner to determine which to have – vet cleaning or home cleaning.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Risks

  • When doing the cleaning at home, there is always a risk that the owner is bitten by the dog.
  • When doing the cleaning at the vet’s clinic, there’s always a risk of overdose in anesthesia or allergic reaction.

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