Diabetes in Labradors Retrievers: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Diabetes in Labradors Retrievers: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

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Causes of Diabetes in Labs

  • Diabetes in Labrador Retrievers is quite common to the breed. Most often it occurs in the later years of life.
  • An unhealthy immune system can cause diabetes.
  • Keeping blood sugars at a normal level is important to preventing further medical conditions such as blindness and kidney failure ( More information about kidney failure in labradors ).

    The culprit is high sugar in the blood.

  • Overweight dogs seem to have an increased risk of developing complications of diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Labradors

  • The two most evident symptoms of diabetes in Labrador Retrievers are an increased thirst and excessive urination. The dog will void large amounts of urine frequently.
  • Other symptoms are
    • Excessive hunger
    • Weight loss (if diabetes is treated within time)
    • Read more about symptoms of diabetes in dogs.
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Treatments for Diabetes in Labrador Retrievers

  • In some dogs, medication like insulin may be necessary to keep blood sugars stable.
  • Many times, changing the diet gives remarkable results and increases your pets quality and longevity of life.
  • Unfortunately many commercial dog foods and treats are laden with sugar or high in carbs which end up metabolizing into sugar.
  • Home cooking for your pet seems to be the best way to be sure of exactly what is going into your dogs food.

    Consult with your vet for nutrition requirements before initiating this.

  • It takes a lot of planning and time, but has proven to be very effective in keeping your furry, four legged friend, healthy for many years.
  • The diet should be low in fat and carbohydrates and high in fiber. Supplements should be given to help the immune system function efficiently. Antioxidants are essential.
  • Vitamins A,C, and E, have antioxidant properties that help remove deadly toxins from the system. Selenium, green tea, Coenzyme Q 10, and mushrooms are terrific additions to any pets diet.
  • Any dog that is on insulin should have regular meals and a healthy snack in between.
  • Insulin can make the blood sugar drop too low which can cause significant medical issues that can be just as dangerous as elevated sugar levels.

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