Chicken Allergy in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment for Dogs Chicken Allergies

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Symptoms of Chicken Allergies in Dogs

  • Vomiting or diarrhea after eating chicken
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Hair loss
  • Rashes and hives on skin
  • Chicken allergies in dogs are quite common.
  • It can occur suddenly, even if your pet has been eating it for years.
  • When a dog begins to scratch and itch and a pet owner suspects an allergy to some food, they don’t generally consider any foods the dog has been eating forever.
  • Keep in mind that allergies in dogs occur from continued exposure to certain things. A dog rarely is allergic to something he is trying for the first time.
  • Just because a dog has an allergy to chicken doesn’t necessarily mean he is allergic to eggs. Many people assume that. Not so, you are dealing with 2 separate entities.

Treatments for Chicken Allergies in dogs

  • Home treatments for chicken allergies in dogs include eliminating the source and experimenting with other whole proteins.
  • If a dog is suspected of an allergy to chicken, remove chicken from his diet and replace it with another hydrolyzed protein. Try something the dog generally doesn’t eat, like venison or fish. Switch to other proteins every week.
  • Don’t feed any foods with chicken protein or fat.
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  • Chicken flavored products are not the same as chicken, if the dog has been eating chicken flavored meals, you can try plain chicken.

    The allergy may be to fillers in chicken flavored meals. Common fillers like grain could be responsible.

  • Serve simple meals, with limited ingredients to slowly rule out what the allergy is.
  • Serve with a carbohydrate such as potato. Limit all other foods for approximately 12 weeks.
  • Fish and potatoes or venison and rice are good choices to start with.
  • The dog absolutely needs protein daily. If you are choosing other proteins rather than meat, make sure they are total proteins. Rice and beans or yogurt are good substitutes.

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