Cat High Liver Enzymes: Causes and Treatment Of Elevated Liver Enzymes

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Cat High Liver Enzymes

Here are some quick facts about this condition

  • This is not a disease in itself – it is a symptom
  • Liver enzymes are normally present in the blood of the a cat, but in very miniscule levels
  • This is a very important symptom because it affects the liver and it needs to be addressed immediately
  • Liver enzymes help to complete the task of the liver
  • An increase or a decrease in the enzymes can impede the normal function of the liver

Cause of Elevated Liver Enzymes in Cats.


There are several potential causes that can lead to an elevation of liver enzymes. The causes range in severity from important to very dangerous to a cat’s health.

  • Hepatomegaly (Enlarged Liver)

o   It is common for kittens to have a portion of the liver enlarged for a certain duration.

o   Genetics may cause livers to enlarge in older cats

o   Liver diseases like cancer, can also cause hepatomegaly

  • Fatty Liver

o   Occurs when the liver is overcome with fat cells.


o   Common in overweight cats

o   Fatty livers often produce too much of the normal liver enzymes

  • Cat Liver Disease

o   This is a degenerative disease that results in the breakdown of liver tissue

o   This can happen in older cats

o   This can also lead to a decrease in the production of liver enzymes

  • Toxin Damage

o   Cats are susceptible to poisons that can damage the liver

  • Cancer – Damage to the tissue can cause an increase in enzyme production.
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Treatment for Increased Liver Enzymes in Cats

This condition is treated by addressing the underlying condition. Common treatments include:

  • Changes in diet – Given to cats with fatty liver
  • Fluid and electrolyte therapy – For dehydrated cats
  • Supportive Care with IV Nutrition
  • Rest
  • Corticosteroids
  • Antiemetic – Helps control vomiting
  • Surgery – May be necessary for cancer and other genetic diseases

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