Cat Enema: Easy Solution & Instructions on How To Give Feline Enema

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While grooming, they lick their fur until they are satisfied with the results. They also like to groom each other. Thus, the likelihood of having fur balls inside their system is quite high. This can lead to constipation. Of course, constipation could also be caused by medical problems such as colon tumors.

Cat Enema

  • Enema is one of the easiest solutions or treatments to constipation, even in cats.
  • When administering the enema, the solution is injected inside the cat’s anus. This will fill the colon with the solution, making it expand.

    As the colon expands, the stool will have an easier passage.

Cat Enema Solution

  • The enema can be comprised of mineral oils or soapy solutions. Although there are over-the-counter enemas readily available for humans, these are not 100% safe to use on cats. Still, it is possible to give the over-the-counter enema to the cat. Just make sure that it does not contain sodium phosphate.
  • It is best to bring the cat to the vet. He can give the cat the correct enema. He also knows exactly how to administer the solution.

Cat Enema Instructions

  • For owners who have cats that have chronic constipation, administering the enema at home could be the cheapest option. For this, ask for a demonstration from the vet. Then, use the cat-friendly enema.

How to Give Cat Enema

If giving the enema at home, follow the following instructions:

  • Wrap the cat in a towel to ensure that he does not claw or bite the handler. There should be at least 2 people – 1 will hold the cat and 1 will administer the enema.
  • Insert the nozzle inside the anus. Gently squeeze the material.
  • Immediate bring the cat to the litter box.

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