Cat Breathing Fast Problems & Treatment: Why Is My Cat Breathing Heavy

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However, there are times when the cat will breathe fast or have difficulty in catching its breath. This is, often, caused by a medical problem.

Cat Breathing Fast

  • Heavy breathing in cats are a sign of problem. It could be because the cat is in pain or because there is a problem in the intake of oxygen. Either way, it is a medical emergency.
  • As much as possible, try to determine the reason for the problem. If the immediate cause is unknown and the affected cat is turning blue, bring it to the vet immediately.

Cat Breathing Problems

  • Remember, if the cat has breathing problems, this could lead to fluctuations in the oxygen levels in the body. This could be detrimental to the cat’s health.
  • Physical injuries are often the reason why cats have breathing problems.
  • If the breathing problem is accompanied by bloody discharge from the nose or mouth, bring the cat to the vet immediately. This is a very serious injury.
  • Sometimes, the breathing problem could also be accompanied by gagging, panting, and voice changes.

Cat Breathing Heavy / Heavily

  • If the cat is breathing heavily, try to examine its body for signs of injury.
  • Try to check the abdomen. Is it squashed or flattened? Is there a sign of physical trauma?
  • Poke its abdomen to see if the cat will respond.

Why Is My Cat Breathing Fast

  • There are plenty of reasons why the cat is breathing fast. Although trauma is among the most common reasons why it happens, it is also possible that the cat had congenital problems that cause the breathing problem.

Treatment For Heavy Breathing

  • The vet will give the cat medication. Oxygen therapy might be necessary.
  • Some natural remedies may also be tried.

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