Cat Ate Aluminum Foil: What Happens If Your Cat Eats Aluminum Foil

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Cat Ate Aluminum Foil

Aside from addressing the potential complications of aluminum foil ingestion, the behavioral problem should also be addressed.

  • When a cat eats aluminum foil, chances are the ingestion is accidental such as the foil may have gotten into the cat’s food.
  • Behavioral problems such as a stressed or anxious cat may also tend to eat inappropriate items such as foil.
  • Cats suffering from nutritional deficiencies are known to eat inappropriate items.
  • Cats that have been weaned too early during their younger years will develop non-nutritive suckling of inappropriate objects.
  • Lack of activity or boredom puts the cat at risk of chewing or eating anything in sight.
  • Teething and a compulsive disorder are also other reasons why cats eat inappropriate items such as aluminum foil.

What Will Happens If Your Cat Eats Aluminum Foil

  • Some cats may not display any problems after ingestion of aluminum foil. It is best to check the cat’s litter if the aluminum foil has passed with the feces.
  • Some cats suffer from abdominal irritation from the ingestion of the foil such as vomiting and diarrhea.
  • The most serious complication that can result from ingestion of aluminum foil is blockage.

    If the cat hasn’t been defecating for more than a day, this could be a sign of blockage.

  • There aren’t any reported cases of poisoning after aluminum foil ingestion in cats.

What to Do

  • Observe the cat’s feces to see if the aluminum foil has passed.
  • Observe the cat for any changes in eating behavior.
  • Watch for signs of abdominal irritation such as vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Have the cat examined by a vet if the symptoms persist or the cat is suffering from serious complications.
  • Remove any form of aluminum foil in sight or other items the cat has been known to eat.
  • Address the underlying stress or anxiety the cat is experiencing.
  • Provide activities and exercise for the cat especially when it is left alone.

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