Bowel Obstruction In Dogs: Major Symptoms And Effective Treatments

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Bowel Obstruction in Dogs

Bowel obstruction in dogs is a serious medical state because it can cause dehydration and other serious problems in the animal. It is important to understand and know the root cause of the problem. Knowing the cause can help provide treatment.

Symptoms of Bowel Obstruction in Dogs

  • Symptoms actually vary depending on where the blockage occurred, the size of the object blocking the area, and the type of object causing the blockage.
  • The most common symptoms include difficulty in defecating, sudden loss of appetite, and vomiting.
  • If the blockage is at the esophagus, there would be a certain degree of difficulty in breathing, eating, and drinking. This blockage is often caused by oblong objects.
  • If the blockage is at the stomach, the dog will be vomiting a few hours after eating. This blockage is often caused by round and smooth objects such as marble.
  • If the blockage is in the small intestines, the dog will be distended and have abdominal pain. This can cause fever, shock, and death if untreated. This blockage is often caused by small, indigestible objects.

Bowel Obstruction in Dogs Treatment

  • If the object is lodged close to the mouth opening or has been ingested for less than 2 hours, vomiting may be induced. This is achieved using 3% hydrogen peroxide.

    If this hydrogen peroxide does not work, more effective medications will be used to induce vomiting.

  • Always, it would be necessary to remove the object as soon as possible.
  • The object can be retrieved by an endoscope which could grasp on objects. This is an option for items lodged in the stomach.
  • If the object has made it to the intestines, surgery is needed.
  • In the case of necrosis or cell death, it is important that the affected intestine is cut. Then, the two ends will be sutured together.

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