Blindness in Labrador Retrievers: Symptoms, Treatment for Labs Blindness

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Causes of Blindness in Labs

  • Blindness in Labrador Retrievers can be caused by glaucoma, cataracts, uveitis, or from diseases that effect the cornea or the retina.
  • Serious nutritional deficiencies can be one of the causes of blindness in Labrador Retrievers. Diet plays a veimportant role in eye health. You may also like to read treatments and vitamins for cataracts in dogs

Symptoms of Blindness in Labrador Retrievers.


  • A dog that suddenly begins bumping into familiar furniture or appears to be stepping higher than normal when he walks may be having some vision difficulties.
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  • Dogs that are quite used to climbing or descending a flight of stairs may all of a sudden be hesitant to use the stairs at all.
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Labrador Blindness Treatment

  • Do not automatically attribute a dogs failing vision to old age. Although it is accurate that vision does indeed decrease with age, there are other issues that may need the evaluation of an opthalmic vet to properly treat those old eyes.
  • A skilled eye can prevent simple visual difficulties from becoming major issues with your pet. Sometimes even the slightest visual problems can lead to a permanent blindness if your dogs eyes are not cared for properly.
  • In dogs with blindness, keep everything in order at all times. Do not make sudden changes in furniture arrangement or placement.
  • Keep the dogs personal items such as food and water dishes, and bedding in one area so the dog instinctively can count on his own mind to find. Familiarity and avoiding change is important to your dogs emotional health.
  • Confusion and disorientation can make your pet extremely anxious if he feels out of control of his routine environment.
  • Blind dogs should always be on a run leash or in the comfort and safety of a fenced yard. Avoid unnecessary injuries to your pet.
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