Appetite Stimulant For Dogs: Natural Appetite Suppressant For Canines

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When dogs don’t eat, try to give it stimulants to help regain its appetite. If these stimulants don’t work, seek help from a veterinarian who could prescribe the right form of treatment. Remember, dogs that do not eat for several days are like to develop serious medical conditions such us liver problems.

Appetite Stimulant for Dogs

  • It would be good to first try to change the dog’s diet. It is actually possible that it is just bored with the food. Food with meat cuts, in most cases, will easily solve the problem.
  • There are also appetite food enhancers that can be added to the food. These stimulants have scents and flavors that could help promote appetite.
  • Some prescription medications may be given to address the problem.
  • B multivitamins could also help. Also read multivitamins for dogs
  • Of course, the pet owner can also try a natural appetite stimulant or suppressant for dogs. Some human food such as cooked chicken, broth, or baby food could possibly stimulate the dog’s appetite.
  • Plenty of herbs can be used to treat the problem. Such herbs include chamomile, milk thistle, and celery seed. Grasses such dandelions are also known to help.
  • Also read natural and over the counter medicines
  • Garlic – in powder form – is an effective stimulant. Sprinkle this on top of the dog’s food.
  • Try canned dog food. Mix it with the dry dog food.
  • If these still don’t work, bring the dog to a vet because the loss of appetite might be because of a serious underlying medical condition.

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